~SN is now dead. We had a good run fellas! - DrkPain

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 meh i want to join

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PostSubject: meh i want to join   Wed Jan 30, 2008 12:45 pm

yea i have god experience ive been in many clans. im in one now which im quiting. Im good with sniper and pistol. im pretty good at nades. pretty amazing i might say Razz just kiddin. Well I cant get flags but i can add cover fire. Straffing is a thing im good at but i tend to accidentally stop some times. I played one of your members. He said he was new and his name was cratar. He said he was going to talk to drkpain. WEll that ends it
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PostSubject: Re: meh i want to join   Wed Jan 30, 2008 1:44 pm

hey man, thanks for posting here Smile. from what i've just read you seem to be a good addition to the clan! besides, everyone is invited to join, except of course if your terrible at halo and a real jerk when playing Wink.

WELCOME TO ~SN Very Happy. When in game add ~SN to the end of your name to show that your in ~SN. If you want to be ranked for KWs, send interest to join ~SN on ClanHalo, accept my sent invitation and then your in!

~ Drk


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meh i want to join
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